Intellectual Property


Trademark registration

What is a trademark?

Any Word, Symbol, Logo, Phrase, Image, Sound, Colour, or a combination of all utilised by a business to distinguish its products or services from other comparable m(...)

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Trademark Objection

What is a Trademark Objection?

An application for trademark registration can be declined by the Trademarks Office on several grounds of non-compliance with the norms of trademark regist(...)

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Trademark Rectification

What is Trademark Rectification?

Trademark registration safeguards your business trademark, which could be a word, symbol, logo, phrase, image or a sound, and develops a distinctive ide(...)

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Trademark Renewal

What is Trademark Renewal?

Every registered trademark holds validity for a span of 10-year and can be renewed for another term, as per owner’s discretion. However, application for(...)

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Trademark Opposition

Trademark Opposition

During the registration process of your trademark, sometimes you may encounter an opposition raised against it, or sometime you need to file a trademark opposition (...)

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Copyright Registration

What is Copyright Registration?

With Copyright Registration, the owner gets absolute authority to use, make a copy, or allow a different body to make use of the product under contracted(...)

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